Tori’s signature style is a sophisticated blend of modern taste, timeless elegance, and inventive vision. After working in the wedding industry for more than a decade — including planning multimillion-dollar events both in the Southeast and around the world — Tori brings a superior level of logistical expertise, vendor relationships, and professional enthusiasm to every event. From fabric selection to tablescape design, Tori keeps the client’s inspiration front and center, ensuring no two events are ever alike.

Tori Perano


Owner & creative director

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A good-luck sparrow cannot fly without her backbone. For Passera, that backbone is Tori’s team of talented assistants. Based in the Southeast and serving clients worldwide, the Passera team manages all the behind-the-scenes logistics required to produce an impeccable event. Each client receives personal attention from both Tori and her assistants as they put their heads (and hands) together to manifest the couple’s desired aesthetic and experience.

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“Passera” stands for “sparrow” in Italy.

In Tori’s Italian heritage, sparrows are symbols of good luck in love and marriage.

Yet planning an ultra-luxury destination wedding requires more than mere luck. The Passera team approaches each event with an editorial eye, tailored precision, and pioneering spirit to deliver an elevated wedding that soars above the rest.

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An emphasis on relationships is why Tori Perano is known as the best destination wedding planner in the Southeast. From a tight-knit internal culture to a stellar reputation with both vendors and clients, the Passera team cares about creating meaningful connections.

After more than a decade in the wedding industry, Tori has developed close relationships with the finest vendors around the world, often flying to meet them to determine the best course of action for a particular event (including creating provisional plans in case an unexpected issue requires the need to pivot). By attending to every aspect of an event — even the oft-forgotten ones — the Passera team goes above and beyond to make each client feel truly special, both during the event and throughout the entire planning process.

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The moment a guest arrives at the venue of an ultra-luxury destination wedding, they are stepping into an experience. They are ready to be whisked away to a world of abundance, where nothing matters but celebrating the couple’s love and enjoying an unforgettable time.

Passera exists to make those magical moments happen. To hand-craft such a one-of-a-kind wedding that guests approach the couple at the luxuriously designed reception, with a signature cocktail in hand, and exclaim, “This is the most exquisite wedding I’ve ever attended.”


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